picture of a black and brown dog sitting nicely on an interlocked patio.

The Residences of 1425 Bayview and Recreational Respite (Ontario)

Recreational Respite developed a unique program with The Residences of 1425 Bayview, with the goal to create, improve and enhance community participation through volunteer and fundraising opportunities. The participants learned, planned, and organized activities necessary to launch a successful Pet Photography fundraiser for Lions Foundations of Canada Dog Guides. They learned how to take pictures, create a flyer, create posters and visited the organization for Dog Guides to educate themselves on dog guides and other services that dogs and other pets provide in community.  They posted flyers in the community; and even wrote a script to ask store owners about posting the flyer in their store. Ultimate completed project was a fundraiser in the community to increase awareness for Dog Guides.


“We contracted Recreational Respite to assist us in engaging our residents who cope with various mental health, in a community outreach project for Dog Guides of Canada.  Our goal was to create, improve and enhance community participation through volunteering and fundraising opportunities. With Sharmila (one of Recreational Respite’s recreation therapist) solid, motivating guidance, our residents were encouraged as a group and individually to participate and take responsibility for specific goals each week. Sharmila was lively and encouraging while always ensuring that all was ‘on task’.  Our pet photography fundraiser, Paws for the Cause on Bayview, was a great success and our residents were filled with a sense of accomplishment. We expect to continue this as an annual event for the local community and as a launch for bigger projects.
Thank you, Sharmila, for your hard work and positive attitude.

Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful and powerful work which you do through Recreational Respite!
Diane MarshallExecutive Director
The Residences of 1425 Bayview