A professionals list of group program offerings for children, youth, young adults and older adults.

Group Programs

Check out our 2023 MASTER GROUP PROGRAM GUIDE for available in-person and virtual group program offerings.

Our group programs aim to provide independent skill mastery, recreation for children (ages 5+), youth (ages 12+), young adults (ages 16+) and older adults (ages 18+) who want to participate in new or existing interests that encourage and promote social health, connectivity and inclusion. These individualized group programs aim to cultivate life skills, soft skills for job readiness, leadership or volunteerism, promote self-care and support through transitions or integration into community. 

We explore a variety of topics that relate to:

  • Education, employment and/or volunteer readiness
  • Exploring recreation and leisure interests
  • Financial literacy
  • Healthy habits online (social media)
  • Identity and culture
  • Leadership or entrepreneurship
  • Life skills
  • Physical wellness through sports and movement
  • Soft skills mastery
  • Social and interpersonal relationships
  • Sexual health and relationships
  • Stepping into independence

Program Series options

Our group programs offer both an option to run a series of programs or individual programs, however they connect with those you serve. Please find attached the following group series options, inclusive of goals, outcomes and targeted benefits. 

Check out our 2023 MASTER Group Program Guide for available in-person and virtual space for children and youth (ages 5-12), young adults (16+) and adults (18+), across Canada!


Cost varies based on the purchase of a series or individual programs.

Please call us direct for further information!


Our Services

Virtual Support

Our unique interactive and innovative virtual services offer experiential outcomes through small group programs. These services are for children, youth and adults.

Respite Support

Our respite service goals are to identify the barriers to participation that may exist for children, youth and adults with disabilities or mental illness. Services promote inclusion and accessibility.