Respite support

Our respite service goals are person centred and aim to identify the barriers to participation or social connection. This may exist for children, youth or adults with disabilities, mental health or those who face isolation due to disease, illness or injury. 

One to One Recreation

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Our recreation professionals work one to one with children, youth, adults and older adults who have a disability, struggle with mental health, or face social isolation. Those we support may face barriers to participation, struggle with social relationships and connectivity that effect opportunities for participation. Targeted goals are for positive mental health, emotional wellness, social health and connectivity.

Cost $31.50 – $38.50/hour

Older Adult Respite

Our recreation professionals work one to one with older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementias, disability, mental health or face social isolation due to illness or disease. Services are provided in their home or in a community setting and can be used as respite or complimentary to services already being received. Each individual’s needs, abilities, strengths and interests are our primary focus. Targeted goals are for positive social health and connectivity.

Cost $31.50 – $38.50/hour

Young Adults

February 2023 Young Adults, Ages 16+
January 2023 Young Adults, Ages 16+

REGISTRATION FORM (for virtual group programs)

Our group programs aim to provide independent skill mastery for young adults who want to acquire new skills. These person centred workshops will cultivate a variety of skills and promote self-care through topics that relate to:

  • social and interpersonal relationships (with self and others)
  • employment and/or volunteer readiness
  • leadership and entrepreneurship 
  • exploring recreation and leisure interests

Each program will contribute to inclusive and accessible opportunities and promote healthy avenues of independence. For our full calendars and program descriptions, please visit our Group Services page.

Cost $20 – $25 (+ tax) for 1-1.5 hour programs. 


Smiling man who is a wheelchair user.

Recreational Group Programs

Group Program Calendars

These programs have been developed with and for children, youth and adults, across Canada. Group programs have been developed in partnership with our participants to address a variety of interests, skill practice, goals and outcomes that promote inclusion, encourage community participation and nurture social connection with others.  These unique small group programs offer a variety of thematic and interactive opportunities for self-growth, new and healthy friendships and self-exploration.

In person group programs are available in partnership with other organizations, to maximize the opportunities for participation and accessibility, in various communities across Canada.

For more information, please call:
1-877-855-7070 or groups@recrespite.com