Respite support

Our respite service goals are to identify the barriers to participation that may exist for children, youth and adults with disabilities or mental illness. Services promote inclusion and accessibility.

1:1 Therapeutic Recreation

Our recreation therapists work 1:1 with children, youth and adults with disabilities in their home or community. These individuals typically face barriers to participation or struggle with social relationships, self-regulation or coping strategies and inclusive community participation. 1:1 services can be short or long term and goal directed. Each individuals needs, abilities, strengths and interests are our primary focus. Targeted goals are for positive mental health, emotional wellness the promotion of independence for every day life.

These supports can also be available specifically focused on personalized classroom and homework support. We’ll develop strategies for diverse learners that consider each students unique learning need and support.


$29.50 per hour


‘Build It’ Workshops

October 2020

Our Build It workshops aim to provide independent skill mastery for children, youth and adults who want to acquire new skills with productive outcomes. These person centred workshops will cultivate life skills and promote self-care through topics that relate to:

  • social and interpersonal relationships
  • employment and/or volunteer readiness
  • leadership or entrepreneurship
  • recreation and leisure interests,
  • financial literacy

Each workshop will contribute to inclusive and accessible opportunities and promote healthy avenues of independence.

‘Build It’ workshops are available for the following age groups (in-person or virtual space):

  • Youth and Teens (ages 12-17) 
  • Adults (ages 18+)
  • Seniors, early onset dementia

Topics Covered

  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment
  • Volunteerism and Leadership
  • Social Media and Health Habits
  • Communications (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Life Skills
  • Community Transitions
  • Entrepreneurship/Leadership
  • Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Leadership 2 Community Opportunities
  • Sexual Health and Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Identifying Leisure Interests


Ages 12-17 (1 hour workshop) $24.50
Ages 18+ (1.5 hour workshop) $39.50


Group Programs

October 2020

Community group programs have been developed in partnership with our participants to address a variety of interests, skill practice, goals and outcomes that promote inclusion, encourage community participation and nurture social connectivity with others. These programs have been developed specifically with and for children, youth and adults with disabilities and mental illness, across Canada. These unique small group sessions offer a variety of thematic and interactive opportunities for self growth, new and healthy friendships and self exploration.

DUE TO COVID they are currently available in virtual space, see VIRTUAL SERVICES

Ages 5-15

Ages 16+


$15 – $25 per hour (in person or virtual)