Recreational Respite

Our Team

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Amy MacFarlane

Founder and CEO

Amy is a disability ally and passionate about inclusion. She is committed to removing barriers that those with disabilities face in their communities, to promote active and inclusive participation.

Alyson Thompson

Community Relations Manager, National

Alyson is our key collaborator! Often discussing ways to maximize collaborative efforts, to ensure accessibility for our most vulnerable populations.

Allison Woods

Inclusion and Family Support Coordinator, National

Allison is our customer service extraordinaire! She navigates all of our services and connects with families to ensure person centred support, in everything we deliver.

Rachel Gamble

Team Support Coordinator, National

Rachel is responsible for recruitment, training and student mentoring, all while fostering the culture at Recreational Respite.

Our Story

As a team we are strong advocates for inclusion, accessibility, participation, engagement and removing barriers to participation that prohibit our autonomy and freedom to choose how we interact with our communities. We believe ’nothing about us, without us’ means those with disabilities, those who are vulnerable or marginalized are key in having voice in the development of the services and programs they wish to take part in.

Our teams own family members and hands-on expertise supporting those in care giving roles and families in crisis is united with extensive educational backgrounds, in therapeutic recreation, gerontology, psychogeriatrics, complex mental health, social services, disability studies and child and youth work.

As a team we strongly believe in collaborative efforts that will maximize support and minimize the dollars required to deliver optimal services and programs to the individuals that we support. We strive for partnerships in the for profit, non-profit, social enterprise and community organization spaces, to ensure effective service delivery. This commitment to knowledge transfer, peer collaborative projects, workshops and training and keynote speaking has led to international scope of inclusion and accessibility practices.

Our Founder and CEO, Amy MacFarlane is also the Vice Chair of the Vulnerable Persons Committee, for the Standards Council of Canada and recently represented Canada at BSI headquarters (London, UK 2018) to assist in the development of ISO 22458 a standard that protects the most vulnerable consumers in product delivery and service implementation.

Our Founder has also been nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Team Testimonials

Working for Recreational Respite is truly a rewarding experience! I enjoy seeing my clients progress and learn new skills, or enjoy activities that they were able to do independently in the past. My 1:1 work with my clients develops self-esteem and confidence, while positively impacting their physical and cognitive abilities. Recreational therapy stimulates our clients’ overall well being from the inside out. I also enjoy meeting with care-givers, and feel good knowing that my work affects their overall well being too


Working as a Recreation Therapist at Recreational Respite is truly a unique experience, it allows team members to foster a personal connection with clients, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for growth and stimulation.


Our work with our clients is so unique! It’s the opportunity to really connect with our clients and their families with measured therapeutic goals, outcomes and the ability to see it all come together with a successful outcome


Recreational Respite is truly a special company to work for. It’s approach to each and every one of our clients are individualized to their needs, abilities and strengths. That kind of attention to detail, makes it a great experience and confirms my role as a Recreation Therapist as being so meaningful


I enjoy working with those who have developmental disabilities. My experience was varied and somewhat limiting to the provisions of the program designs we could create. The team at Recreational Respite are so nurturing, creative, educational and supportive and they allow us to create programs with far more innovation that includes the community and their programs my clients live in. I love this approach and I enjoy my work so much because of it!


Any Questions?

Give us a call if you have any questions about our in home respite or virtual support!