Reena – The Frailty Project

Current 2023 partnership with Reena.

Successful Aging: Frailty, Transition and Inclusion into Senior Services (2013)
Funded by Ministry of Community and Social Services

Recreational Respite and Reena partnered on this project to:

  • Identify the challenges / limitations faced by individuals living with developmental disabilities for accessing the services.
  • Provide them support / services so that they can continue to live successfully in the same living conditions
  • Prevent them going into LTC (premature admissions)
  • Prevent frequent ER visits
  • Provide training support for caregivers / family members
  • Foster social inclusive services for disability populations

Our recreation therapists were assigned to work with specific individuals to work on these goals. Identifying their recreational interests and needs and nurture those in various sessions. To positively enhance their opportunities for participation and remove barriers that had otherwise existed to create long term impact for healthy lifestyles. Core objectives created a model that would be implemented provincially for the entire community living with Developmental Disability.