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Caregivers Counselling Series (Disability)

February 2022

As we experience various COVID-19 lockdowns across Canada, we wanted our customers to know that we care about their families! It’s been a pleasure (and we are so grateful) to have been chosen by them to take part in their lives during this challenging time. Our commitment to caregiver support is deeply rooted in everything we do, including the services and programs we develop. RecRespite offered a FREE 4 week caregiver counselling series, built entirely for those in caregiving roles who are supporting a loved one with disability.

Week 1: Caregiver Burnout is real!
Week 2: Self Care – coping skills
Week 3: Importance of Expressing Emotions and Inner Thought Patterns
Week 4: Mental, Social and Recreational Health

For more information about our counsellor for this series, please visit:
Lauren Presutti, MEd, EdS, LLMSW

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