a rusty sign hand painted with the words "Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

Service Coordination Supports (SCS)

Recreational Respite was asked to run the morning Youth Track portion of SCS’s (Service Coordination Support’s) virtual Coming Together conference. This year’s theme was My Voice, My Future, and we developed a unique Escape Room, customized to this theme. The morning portion of the conference was meant to be an engaging and interactive component, open and inclusive to all ages and abilities (5-18+). There were 50 participants. The activity developed by us was called This Is Me!, a virtual escape room that travels through the life of the fictional character, Sam. Sam is a gender neutral, non-verbal 25-year-old who struggled to make themselves heard throughout their life. Participants were given the opportunity to work together with their peers to travel back in time and help Sam learn how to express themselves through a variety of challenges. Each level of the escape room was aligned with one of Helen Sanderson’s Person Centered Thinking Tools – an important tie in that was requested by SCS.

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