collage of faces and a thank you to Jays Care Foundation

Jays Care Foundation

January 2021 – present

In early 2020/2021/2022, The Jays Care Foundation and Recreational Respite launched a respite support opportunity to provide in home support for Challenger Baseball families! The goal was to provide families with respite (either in home or virtual programming), help athletes continue to progress through the development of life skills, social skills and movement skills. The outcomes have included promoting social connectivity and mental wellness and reduce overall isolation.

We are so proud to share the success of the partnership between Recreational Respite and the Jays Care Foundation!

It has been an amazing time of innovation between organizations who support our most vulnerable populations. Much of our work this year has been highly concentrated on the ways that we can maximize opportunities for the promotion of social health, connectivity, and participation for those (and their families), who continue to face great isolation. We are thankful for everyone involved, and to those who made this a possibility for so many families.

We look forward to 2023 together!