L’Arche London (ON)

We are so excited to be partnering again with L’Arche London this summer for Camp Independence! Ideal for adults ages 18-35 who are looking to deepen independent living skills, Camp Independence is a two-week long day camp offering diverse and engaging experiences that will foster self-discovery, healthy lifestyles, financial literacy, employment skills, community participation, recreational pursuits, and so much more. Recreational Respite is keen to deliver programs including Conversation Skills, Identifying Healthy Relationships, Navigating Social Spaces, Problem Solving & Communication to these amazing campers in July and August 2023.

2022 Recreational Respite and L’Arche LONDON working together this summer to bring summer camp (in-person) to the community for young adults with disability! The Independence Summer Camp at L’Arche London is two weeks long, and is running four times throughout the summer. The camp will be offering independent living skills, such as commuting, budgeting, meal planning, and many more. Recreational Respite’s group programs have been developed by those with disabilities and delivered within many partnerships across Canada.


“Tania was amazing! She was fabulous at connecting with the campers even though this session was virtual. Tania had great energy and a great way of explaining things. The campers all said that writing a story was their favourite part of the workshop. They loved the freedom to write about whatever they wanted. We even had a story about one of the potatoes from our identity workshop last week. The campers are all still talking about their potato friends! I think this program was a great balance of information to activites.
Our two sessions with Recreational Respite have definitely been two of the biggest highlights from our camp!”

“Our group LOVED the potato activity especially. All the campers were so excited to share the identity they created for their potato. I shared with Chin as she left that we have one camper who is very hard to impress, and she was soo excited to go home and tell her parents about this workshop. Chin was so lovely and amazing and did a lovely job facilitating and including everyone. We really enjoyed our time together. The only feedback I would have is that for our group it was a lot of worksheets right all together, so perhaps if there was any way to spread out these worksheets it may be helpful. But all the worksheets individually were amazing and really accessible to all understanding levels. I know every group is so different, but this is just something I noticed for our campers yesterday.
Overall, we had such an amazing time and this was such a worthwhile workshop for all campers!!
Thanks for checking in!”
Liza – Camp Director

L’Arche London