Miles Nadal JCC

Recreational Respite has partnered with the Miles Nadal JCC – FUN Intensives program to offer in person group called “Commuting in Your Community – Greater Toronto Area!”
This program is designed for young adults, ages 18-35 with ASD and/or developmental disabilities, and is open to all!

Commuting in Your Community by Recreational Respite:

This in-person program uses a variety of activities to increase confidence and understanding of commuting options and strategies within the GTA. Participants of this small group will take steps towards independent commuting, including planning ahead for timing and logistics, identifying and scheduling various transportation options and routes, as well as strategic thinking and safety considerations when plans have to change. Participants will be supported in using digital maps to plan commuting to local attractions through walking, biking, busing, trains, cabbing, and ride shares. Together they will engage in mock scenarios to practice safe and independent commuting techniques.

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Register for Commuting in Your Community – GTA at the MNJCC!

Commuting in your Community. Image shows a blue background with an image of a gps and map highlighting bus, car, train and bike