intergenerational picture of young adult and older man, heads together and big smiles on their face.

The Opal Season Company

November 2022

The Opal Season Company and Recreational Respite created a unique intergenerational program offered on our group program calendar! Young adults and their special guests (grandparents or ‘grand pals’) worked together to solve a mystery based on a true Canada story of WWII espionage. Practice active listening, collaboration, critical thinking and communication as you think through clues, solve riddles and complete puzzles in a supportive atmosphere where everyones input is celebrated! This was a great way to connect with an older family member, a special mentor or family friend over a fun-filled mystery filled with lots of interesting history, just in time for Remembrance Day.

red poppy in the top left corner of the image and a pic of a cartoon older adult and young adult with 'bring an older adult'. Title: Codebreakers: A War spies & Secret agents mystery, virtual escape room, November 7, 2022