Group Programs

Group program services offer unique experiences in small groups, that aim to provide social connection, independent skill mastery and recreation exploration for children, youth, and adults. Programs are available virtually and in some communities across Canada, in-person. 

One to One

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Our recreation professionals work one to one with children, youth or adults with disabilities, mental health or those that face social isolation due to disease, illness or injury. Services are provided in-person or virtually and promote inclusion, participation and connectivity with others. One to one services can be short or long term and goal directed. Each individuals’ needs, abilities, strengths and interests are our primary focus. Targeted goals are for positive mental health, emotional wellness and the promotion of independence for every day life.

These supports can also be available specifically focused on personalized classroom and homework support. We’ll develop strategies for diverse learners that consider each students unique learning need and support.

Cost: $37.50-$39.50 per hour 

young adult wearing a white shirt and red tie with his arms crossed in a work setting.

Young Adults (virtual)

March 2024 Young Adults, Ages 16+
February 2024 Young Adults, Ages 16+

Click here to view our 2024 MASTER Group Program Guide, including descriptions and outcomes.

REGISTRATION FORM (for virtual programs

Ages 16+

Our group programs aim to provide independent skill mastery for young adults (ages 16+) who want to acquire new skills with productive outcomes. These programs will cultivate life skills, promote self-care and support through transitions or integration into community life. We explore a variety of topics that relate to:

  • social and interpersonal relationships
  • education, employment and/or volunteer readiness
  • leadership or entrepreneurship
  • recreation and leisure interests
  • sexual health and relationships
  • identity and culture
  • physical wellness through sports and movement

Each program will contribute to inclusive and accessible opportunities and promote healthy avenues of independence.

To explore the full list of available young adult group programs that your organization could partner for delivery, please visit our group services, professionals page

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Cost $20.00 per program

Children and Youth Recreation

Group programs have been developed with and for children and youth (ages 5+) with disabilities to address a variety of interests, skill practice, goals and outcomes that promote play, inclusion, encourage community participation and nurture social connectivity with others. These unique small groups offer a variety of thematic and interactive opportunities for:

  •  self growth
  • developing new and healthy friendships
  • discover a sense of self, worth and role
  • embrace identity and culture
  • engage in sports and recreational interests

In person group programs are available in partnership with other organizations, to maximize the opportunities for participation in various communities across Canada.

To explore the full list of available children and youth group programs that your organization could partner for delivery, please visit our group services, professionals page

For more information, please call
1-877-855-7070 or groups@recrespite.com 

Older Adult Group Programs  

Ages 65+

Our seniors have experienced unprecedented levels of isolation during COVID. Lockdowns, limited accessibility and changes in health care needs have created barriers to attending recreation programming in person that is critical for emotional wellness, physical activity, social health and connectivity with others. Our seniors group programs are available community partnership work with seniors in various communities to target:

  • reduction of loneliness
  • improve mental health
  • promote connectivity with others
  • explore recreational interests

To explore the full list of available older adult group programs that your organization could partner for delivery, please visit our group services, professionals page

For more information, please call us at 1-877-855-7070 or


It was great to collaborate some online sessions with Recreational Respite and organize programming for our families in the FASD program. Great teaching for all age groups available and we look forward to running more programming.

Jody (Woods Homes, Alberta)

I wanted to share how much we enjoy the programs for new experiences and friends. My son shared his special interest in construction with a facilitator and they created a program! He is looking forward to participating in STEM Mighty Machines this week. Thank you!

Parent (Ontario)

My son has tried one of the session – a dance one. He loved it. Dimitrios was kind and caring and patient. We were very impressed and happy for the support and opportunity to try something new. We have two sessions this week. We look forward to them!

Parent (Ontario)

Sarah has been loving the programs. She thinks its a great way to meet new people but with much less anxiety. She loves that she can do it from home where she feels comfortable but still able to learn and do cool new things. She thinks that the groups are good at making the material understandable to her comprehension level. She thinks it would be a cool idea to do a virtual group where there might be some singing, or a zumba like group. Overall, Sarah is absolutely loving these groups and talks about them nonstop. She is really hoping these continue as she looks forward to them daily.

Parent (BC)

We are really thankful for this program. Raquel struggles with communication so any chances she has to practice we consider it a good thing. She is a tough cookie to crack but we will keep pushing her to be involved because she really needs programs like this whether she agrees with us or not . It has been very important to her development socially. I think you guys are doing a great job offering this service during these ever changing times.

Parent, (Alberta)