5 young adults or youth, smiling at the camera.

Service Coordination Supports (SCS)

Recreational Respite partnered with Service Coordination Support (SCS) to offer the first virtual Youth Track Sessions during their Coming Together Conference 2020 (25th Anniversary).  

Recreational Respite developed and facilitated 4 programs to engage youth age 14+.

Build It Mental Health (Self Care) – November 7, 2020 

The workshops increased self-esteem, reduce anxious feelings, and manage stress well. Participants learn to develop healthy lifestyle choices that will improve connection with health such as; daily gratitude, journaling, and developing a self-care routine. 

Build It Life Skills (Housing or living independently) – November 14, 2020 

Participants learned different tools to assess a variety of decision-making procedures. They learned how to weigh the positive and negative outcomes of a decision to ensure ultimate success. For experiential education, the group choose a difficult but relatable topic, gather opposing opinions and created an effective solution. 

Build It Social Media & Healthy Relationships – November 21, 2020

Participants explore the meaning of cyberbullying and understand technological society and how it can occur when one individual uses the internet to harass or embarrass someone else. This program discussed the many forms cyberbullying can take, what to do if you are being cyber-bullied, and how to properly intervene if someone you know is being cyber-bullied. In addition, we covered proper online etiquette and ways to use technology to help not hurt others.

Build It Leadership  (Skill Development) – November 28, 2020 

Skill Development: Participants understand what leadership versus management means. They learn skills about leadership that lend to building critical thinking skills that respond to life-based situations. Goals included increasing self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-expression to explore how we can implement skills of leadership into our everyday practice.

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