Chantry Seniors Centre (Ontario)

Chantry Seniors Centre and Recreational Respite applied for a small community initiative grant in hopes to develop, implement new program offerings and train their junior seniors to sustain the programs, long term. During COVID19, the isolation of our seniors was very evident. The loneliness and social disconnect is detrimental to their health. The project aims to support isolated seniors in their homes and active seniors living in the community. Together we have created a collection of hybrid programs (available in person and in virtual space) to be implemented over the course of the most isolating winter months (October, November, December and January). The program development was comprehensive and included a survey (over 200 people responded) that helped us determine the needs of the seniors. The programs developed have responded to these interests (and gaps in the community):
1) Lifelong Education
2) Intergenerational Programming
3) Art and Mixed Media
4) Cooking for one (and two)
5) Creative Writing
6) Fiber Arts
7) Cultural Activities
8) Mindfulness
9) Nature and Outdoor programs
10) Music
11) Gardening and Horticulture

An update (November 2021): the program revitalization has had great success! We wanted to share this infographic to summarize the impact of this partnership!

PDF – Infographic, available here!