a note written that says 'All are welcome, Make new friends, be kind and have fun! Signed, Chloe with a small hand drawn paw print.

Chloe’s Friend Den: A Bully Prevention Initiative (Canada)


Bully prevention informs much of our work with children and youth (and adults) with disabilities, every day. In 2016, we were confronted with our own struggles as my daughter started at a new school, in a new community. My daughter, who was 7 at the time, and I decided we didn’t want any other child to experience such a negative events of bullying and designed a series of children and youth programs (ages 7-13) that addresses bully prevention through play based groups. The program series goals surround coping strategies and self regulation, creating safe spaces and addresses diversity and inclusion. The program series has been adopted by numerous partners across Canada and runs in various capacities: in person small groups, virtual groups and one to one respite support services.

The programs includes topics entitled:
My Brain: emotional awareness
Super You: identifying strengths
Capturing Kindness: identity and culture
Making Choices: making healthy decisions/choices
Muscles and Me: learning about our bodies and movement
Storytelling Yoga: creating visual stories through yoga
Art and Mixed Media: exploring creativity
STEM Lego: learning about critical thinking and problem solving

The program series is called Chloe’s Friend Den after my daughter, Chloe.