مرحبا! Recreational Respite in Kuwait

December 2014, Kuwait City.

Upon arrival to Kuwait, we heard the beautiful prayers singing out across the country, the heat that was welcoming, the people who were so embracing and the anticipation of our work that was bursting at the seams! In Kuwait we have started to work with the young men and women (and their families) with special needs at Centre 21, located just outside of Kuwait City. A beautiful home-like day program that offers recreation programming, both in house and in the community through a variety of social outings. When we arrived we were immediately welcomed to the centre and embraced by the Staff and Volunteers and the Participants themselves. Our hosts quickly showed us the Kuwait welcome with plentiful (and oh so good!) food and ensured we were comfortable and well rested. Such an amazing start to a wonderful journey!

Our purpose: to share the interventions of therapeutic recreation to provide even more goal driven programs, for each of their participants, based on their individual needs, interests, abilities and strengths.

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